I have about 20+ years of experience in IT/Software Product industry, which includes:

  • Commercial Software Products architecture and development, in the area of Mechanical CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM software products. As you know, MCAD software product development, involves extensive physics-based modeling/simulation, vector algebra, 2D/3D data visualization and GUI, complex optimization, heuristics-based algorithms development, proprietary databases, large scale data migration, and Integration with hardware systems (such as CNC machines, 3D scanners, etc.)
  • Track record of developing and commercializing disruptive software systems. My contribution in CAD/CAM software (such as Parametric Modeling, Dimensioning, Assembly, Smart CAM technologies, Automated Parts Nesting) are still being used in commercial CAD/CAM solutions and leading automotive, power generation companies.
  • Business critical Enterprise Application Architecture and development. Have employed web-technologies to develop SAAS solutions.
  • I strongly believe today web technologies provide very good foundation for collaborative system integration and engineering. These award winning SAAS solutions, namely Web-based Ground Operations Planning, Master Verification & Validation Planning, Ground Hardware Management Tool have not only changed the way NASA/KSC carried out GSDO program development,but provided controlled platform for cross-program/cross-contract collaboration which exceeded the data governance standards and saved huge amount of time and money.
  • I love to explore, evaluate, develop new technology products (hardware, software) and build systems for everyday usage. I am passionate about new technology and its usage in day-to-day life.
  • Extensive team management and mentoring experience, Cross-functional teams building.
  • My work at a leading software product company, IT consulting and engineering firms allowed me to apply the best computer technology available to develop disruptive software products and solutions using cutting edge technology. As a result, I have an unusual experience.
  • I would be pleased to provide you with more information on this when we have the chance to discuss your needs.

If you will contact me at (321)795-3563, we can set up an appointment.


Pravin Asar