Seasoned solutions architect, technology strategist and technical manager with an outstanding combination of technical, business, and leadership skills. A disciplined, creative technology strategist with a broad industry understanding and experience that spans the private and federal sectors. Excels in discerning the big picture from chaos and building and leading a team that conceptualizes and implements innovative solutions, resulting in the establishment of an extensible foundation poised for further enhancements and growth; work with business development teams to help capture opportunities and write winning proposals.


  • MS Project Management
  • MS Mechanical Engineering (Concentration on Computer Applications in Engineering)

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Experience Summary:

Digital Engineering & Transformation; Build, Explore and Develop Technology for Complex Engineering Problems; Process Automation; Data Analytics-Visualizations; Engineering Tools Integration.


20+ years of technical and management experience with Fortune 500 companies and software startup.

I have the privilege of defining strategic technical development initiatives. Leveraging my experience leading R&D teams, I design, iterate, and validate enterprise technical solutions that leverage leading edge technologies.

I specialize in building cross-functional, inter-organizational teams that apply engineering, computer science, and business expertise to the creation of advanced technologies, products to meet strategic initiatives. The most rewarding aspect of my job is the ability to bridge gaps between diverse and geographically disparate teams which enables the cultivation of innovative solutions to some of the most complex problems.

Interests and Work History

  • Digital Transformation
  • Model Based Engineering
  • Big Data Architecture, Integration, ETL, Design and Visualization
  • Product Lifecycle Data Management
  • CAD/CAM/PLM and Engineering Software
  • SOA and SaaS architecture

Software Development & Integration

  • Development of large-scale, enterprise data-intensive PLM systems.
  • Development of Commercial CAD/CAM Engineering Software Products
  • Implementation of large-scale enterprise systems utilizing COTS and opensource tools
  • Digital Transformation
  • Legacy system modernization


  • Agile/SCRUM/DevOps software development

Business Development

  • Propose Solution architecture
  • Influencing decision makers
  • Technical Proposal development


  • Product/Task order management
  • R&D oversight and management
  • Team mentoring and leadership